Whether you have a planned kitchen refurbishment project coming up and need a temporary space to prepare food, or you’re in an emergency situation and need an urgent alternative to a built-in kitchen, we have solutions to help.

Our team of skilled consultants will help you get the correct solution for your project.

We take into account the chef’s requirements with regards to equipment and menus and balance this with your site’s logistics. From this, we are able to determine which size and type of temporary kitchen is best suited to your needs. We also offer to utilise as much of your existing equipment as possible to help you keep your costs down.

All of our kitchen options are designed to be able to work either connected to water, drainage and electrical supplies or as completely stand alone units working with no external supplies.

We are called upon by insurance companies, loss adjusters and business owners to supply emergency commercial kitchens following commercial kitchen failure. Whether due to fire, flood, gas leak or environmental health problems, we endeavour to help.

Our aim is to deliver a temporary commercial kitchen to you as quickly as possible to enable your business to keep running.

We will initially, for speed, deliver a temporary trailer kitchen to you with a full commercial kitchen installed, in order to keep your business running. We will then discuss your on-going requirements and assess the site’s accessibility requirements for delivery of more appropriate longer-term options.

For sites with difficult access, we haveĀ flat pack kitchen options that we can walk onto site, up steps, through standard doors and erect in a suitable area of the premises.